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We recruit executive, senior, and high-leverage positions for insurance and insurtech companies.

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Galecki Search Associates works with companies that are transforming the world of property & casualty insurance.

Our clients lead with empathy, tackle challenges head-on, and innovate rapidly. Their success is directly correlated with the level of talent they hire. These exceptional companies are not looking for hundreds of resumes — they’re looking for the perfect fit.

Are you a job seeker looking for a new challenge?

here is how you can engage with us:

1. Apply or Register

Submit your application for an open search or register for future opportunities.

2. Speak with a Consultant

If you meet our client’s criteria, a consultant will discuss the opportunity with you and assess your fit.

3. The Recruitment Process

If you are a fit and interested, we’ll guide you through the formal recruiting process.

Open Searches

Submit your application for one of our open searches. If you do not see a role that matches your background, you can register with us for future consideration.


When our clients initiate a search, they are looking for a good match based on specific criteria. Every search is on a different timetable, so the timetables may not match up if you are actively looking for a job.

At Galecki Search Associates, we’re dedicated to finding the perfect match for our clients. While we strive to engage in networking conversations whenever possible, our priority is fulfilling our client commitments. If we aren’t able to speak with you right away, we encourage you to register on our website. This way, we can reach out to you if a future opportunity matches your skills and experience.

If you see an open search that you believe fits your background well, we encourage you to submit an application through our website. A search consultant will review your submission promptly, and should your background align with our client’s specific criteria, we will contact you to schedule an initial informational conversation.

After you express interest in an open search, our team will review your resume and the additional information you provided. If your background matches our client’s specific criteria, we will reach out to schedule an initial informational conversation. During this conversation, we will discuss the opportunity in detail, assess your alignment with the search criteria, and answer any questions you may have.

After you register on the Galecki Search Associates website, our team will review your profile to understand your background and career aspirations, adding you to our candidate database for potential matching with current or future searches. When relevant opportunities arise, we will reach out to discuss them with you in detail. Additionally, you may receive updates about new job openings and industry news. By registering, you join our network, allowing us to consider you for future roles that align with your skills and career goals.

Resumes are reviewed by a search consultant leading the search for the role you are interested in. We evaluate your qualifications, professional experience, and accomplishments to determine if there is alignment with the specific criteria from our client.

If you are interested in the opportunity after our initial informational conversation, we will proceed with the next steps in the recruitment process. This typically involves us conducting a formal interview with you, submitting your profile to our client, coordinating interviews, and providing you with preparation materials and guidance. Throughout the process, we will keep you informed and support you to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

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