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Helping you build a team you can be proud of!

We recruit executive, senior, and high-leverage positions for insurance and insurtech companies.

Too many insurance companies waste an incredible amount of time and resources searching for the right hire. At Galecki Search Associates, we developed the HireSure framework to match you with the right hire, so you can be proud of the team you have built.

Don’t settle for 25% when 97% is there for the taking.

We’ve seen it too many times, and it is so frustrating to watch.

You need to hire a senior or high-leverage position at your insurance company. This position matters. It’s the kind of position that can make or break your business. So, you head over to a massive recruiting firm that boasts a contingent-fee recruiting model.

It sounds great. The firm is huge, so they must be good, and you only pay AFTER you make a hire. Perfect, right?


Before starting Galecki Search Associates, our founder, Jacob Galecki, was frustrated with how many insurance companies were continually making the wrong hires. Hires driven by large contingent-based firms with huge staff. Hires that didn’t match their culture, and weren’t prepared for the job.

Most of these large recruiting firms had no experience or network in the insurance industry, and often drew from a large pool of the wrong candidates.

Realizing the contingent model was broken, and only delivering about a 25% success rates, Jacob saw there was a better way.

At Galecki Search Associates, we specialize in helping insurance and insurtech companies fill senior and high-leverage positions that drive your company forward.

Our retained model of working with you delivers a 97% industry success rate.

The Galecki Difference

Sure, we’re small. That’s the point. When you need to fill a high-leverage position, you need a high-leverage recruiting team with a proven process.

With Galecki, you get

Deep Industry Experience
Meticulously Curated Networks
The Highest Caliber Candidates
Personalized Attention and Service
Repeatable Proven Processes
Specialized Expertise
A True Hiring Partner

Meet Your Insurance Recruiting Experts

Jacob Galecki

I founded Galecki Search Associates with one word in mind: better.

For too long was I disappointed by the lack of high-quality, expert recruitment services available to the insurance industry.

The firms I encountered only advanced their own interests and did not fully understand the complexities of the insurance marketplace.

Having worked as an insurance professional and recruited insurance professionals both on the corporate and agency sides, I have seen this market from every angle: as a candidate, as a client, and as a recruiter.

Through unparalleled market knowledge and understanding of the recruitment process from multiple perspectives, my firm provides a better experience to our clients by forging meaningful partnerships and relationships.

I hope to bring our unique perspective to you.

Jacob Galecki
Managing Principal
Anna Kupik

Being a great recruiter means building strong relationships and understanding what makes people tick.

Making the right hire requires a lot of time and expertise. Navigating people’s complex needs and motivations isn’t easy and can be overwhelming for many of our clients.

With a degree in psychology and decades of experience in recruiting, I have developed a deep understanding of what both businesses and employees want and need to be a great match, especially in the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry.

My goal is to find our clients the right candidates, resulting in great hires, and leading to many years of success for both. That is why I work hard to maintain the highest understanding of the art of recruiting and a strong network to draw on.

I have always found joy in making connections for people in my life. Doing this for a living feels natural and is something I truly enjoy.

Anna Kupik

Our Commitment to Diversity

Our team at Galecki Search Associates is passionate about increasing the representation of under-hired and under-promoted groups into roles of increased responsibility, influence, and leadership in the property and casualty insurance space.

Recruitment and hiring firms play a foundational role within the employment landscape, and because of this, we have a responsibility to utilize our platform at Galecki Search to move the needle in representation.

We are committed to increasing access to roles that provide career advancement for marginalized, under-hired, and minority communities. Our work is aimed at providing support for both clients and candidates to successfully navigate a diverse recruitment process.

In addition, we commit to:

Team Collaboration
Learning from candidates and clients
Video Meeting
Coaching and advising candidates and clients
Team Building
Advocating for and supporting candidates

Through this commitment and partnering together, we can make forward progress towards a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment in the property and casualty space.


Galecki wants to deliver for me and help me be successful. They find the right candidates who are going to be the right fit for my role. They also feel strongly about finding the right fit for candidates and doing right by them.

– Product Executive, P&C Carrier

I offer Galecki Search my highest recommendation… The team at Galecki is one of the best recruitment firms I’ve worked with – the level of professionalism, the ability to listen critically and think proactively about my company’s needs, and the level and caliber of candidates they provide is unmatched.

– Head of People, InsurTech Startup

Be confident in the way you build your team.

Here is how we help:

1. Understand Your Needs

We work with you to understand your hiring needs and develop an accurate candidate profile.

2. Execute HireSure

Our proven hiring framework will find the right candidates and weed out the rest.

3. Make the Right Hire

We deliver someone ready to accept an offer and help grow your business.

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