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Access the right candidates

and take pride in the team you’ve built!

Save Time

Spend less time searching and find the right people for the right roles.

Improve Culture

Hiring the right candidates results in a smooth onboarding and happy teams.

Empower Profitability

Better candidate matches means less turnover and efficient productivity.

Time and Effort

Finding the right candidates requires a significant amount of time and expertise.

Hiring the wrong person risks a loss of time and money and can have a disruptive impact on your business long after they’re gone.

You need to get this right. We can help.

The right candidate is the product of the right process

We developed our HireSure Framework to match insurance companies like yours with the right hires so you can build a company that makes you proud.

Improved Culture

The right hire can elevate your company culture and boost your entire team.

Freedom to Focus

The right hire allows you and your team to focus on your strengths and make meaningful progress on your business goals.

Empowered Profitability

When your team gels and everyone is focused on their strengths, your business will be more profitable.

Team Collaboration

We understand how high the stakes are in hiring.

Over the years, we’ve seen the transformational impact of great hires and the devastation of bad hires; that’s why we meticulously created our HireSure Framework to give you the best chance of getting your hire right.

  • Our HireSure framework ensures you get highly skilled candidates who fit seamlessly into your team.
  • We handle the entire search, delivering top talent ready to grow your business.
  • Save time and money with hires that enhance your team and drive profitability.

Be confident in the way you build your team.

Here is how we help:

1. Understand Your Needs

We work with you to understand your hiring needs and develop an accurate candidate profile.

2. Execute HireSure

Our proven hiring framework will find the right candidates and weed out the rest.

3. Make the Right Hire

We deliver someone ready to accept an offer and help grow your business.


Galecki wants to deliver for me and help me be successful. They find the right candidates who are going to be the right fit for my role. They also feel strongly about finding the right fit for candidates and doing right by them.

– Product Executive, P&C Carrier

I offer Galecki Search my highest recommendation… The team at Galecki is one of the best recruitment firms I’ve worked with – the level of professionalism, the ability to listen critically and think proactively about my company’s needs, and the level and caliber of candidates they provide is unmatched.

– Head of People, InsurTech Startup

Helping insurance companies find and make the right hires.

When making a crucial new hire for your business, you want that person to be highly skilled and a great fit for your team. To find that person, you need access to the right candidates. The problem is that finding the right people takes an extensive amount of time and expertise.

At Galecki Search Associates, we understand the high stakes and pressure that come with searching for the right hire. We firmly believe that the right hire is a product of the right process, which is why we have meticulously developed the HireSure framework. This framework is designed to match insurance companies with the right hires, instilling in you the confidence and trust that you are making the right decision for your business.

Here’s how it works:

First, we work to understand your hiring needs and develop an accurate candidate profile. Second, we execute the HireSure framework to find the right candidates and weed out the rest. Finally, we deliver someone ready to accept an offer and help grow your business. Trying to find the right hire on your own can waste your precious time and money and put you at risk of bringing on someone who disrupts your business and company culture.

With our HireSure Framework, you will save time and money and find a hire that makes you proud of the team you have built.

Schedule a discovery call today and take the first step to building a team you enjoy and empowering your business’s new season of profitability.

The Galecki Search Promise

Jacob Galecki
Founder & Principal, Galecki Search Associates

We are proactive in providing updates on your hiring search, so you’re always in the loop.

We will learn more about your candidates than you would ever want to know.

We cut through the noise to deliver qualified and aligned candidates.

We are selective because quality matters. We deliver the right candidates. Quality over quantity. Always.

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